Musical influences can come from everywhere in your youth.  Let’s face it though, some people just have a more exciting upbringing.  Experiencing different locales and customs only adds to the potential musical ideas that a young artist can come up with.  Our newest talent Vitne has used his past to create music that is original yet very reminiscent of an earlier time.


The story of Vitne started on the sunny coast of South Carolina and developed through his time growing up on the rugged coasts of Norway.  As a child he started with classical instruments like violin and flute and in high school first experimented with bass and guitar.  Maturing in the time of music videos, Vitne became fascinated with the image and attitude of Glam and hair metal.  While in Norway he fronted the Norwegian hair metal band SEKS in 2010.  The band gained an eager following for the throwback music but lost its steam as members changed and broke up in 2012.  This paved the way for Vitne to begin his solo career with the music that means so much to him.

Last week Vitne released his first true full length album Neon.  The 10 track record features the raw energy of the 80’s hair metal scene updated for the consumption of the modern music fan.  The intro track “I/O” is a dark electronica soundbite that tries to prepare the listener for what he is about to experience.  “Destroyer” jumps right into the rock with screeching guitar and high energy vocals that take you back to a time when music was music.  Other songs like “Nasty Habit” and “Royal Nights” continue the in your face explosion with tight riffs and a full sonic  assault on the ears.  The guitar skill is showcased on “To The Sky” as the effect laden vocals carry the song forward.  The album concludes with the mellower “Rest In Peace”.  The musical range of Vitne is featured here on the ballad that would fit well today or in 1984.  Keep an eye on the future and the past of Vitne at:

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