Wendy Webb Wants You To Step Out Of Line

Wendy Webb

There are some artists that are able to connect with the listener and share in their emotions. This relatable connection creates an almost friend vibe where the fans want to do whatever they can to help the artist achieve their musical dreams. One such artist is the amazing Wendy Webb.

The singer-songwriter caught the musical passion early in life. Growing up as a farm girl in Iowa, Wendy Webb had the big family life with the old upright piano in the living room. After first hearing Dusty Springfield’s voice, she knew she wanted to be a singer. Wendy’s parents were supportive of this dream and helped her get started with a guitar and songbook.

Wendy Webb taught herself to play guitar. She surrounded herself with great music and songwriters to inspire and influence her even more. Such influencers include Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Jackson Browne, and Bob Dylan, as well as the musical genius of Miles Davis.

Now based in Sanibel Island, Florida, Wendy Webb is known to lock herself alone in a room to write songs. The space becomes sacred and she allows inspiration to come to her. Time is not important as she lingers at the piano or with guitar in hand to see what will develop. “To create anything I have to be in the moment. I’d like to think that whoever is listening to my music feels that I’m in the room with them, singing for them, that I’m their friend. That vibe or feeling is what brings us together” Wendy says.

Back on August 4th, Wendy Webb released her 5th full length album Step Out Of Line. The 10 track record is the perfect Americana complement to a relaxing evening with time to just sit back and enjoy the subtle breeze.

The opening track “Talk To Me” lets you know right away that the deepest thoughts of Wendy Webb are about to be shared with you. The country-tinged guitar sets the vibe as the vocals reach out with a subtle yet sultry tone.

The title track “Step Out Of Line” allows Webb’s vocals to be the highlight again as she reaches multiple sonic styles. A haunting saxophone adds a jazz element to the song that will put any mind at ease. With “Mexico” we enter a more adult contemporary sound with a delicate piano melody as the base and elegantly soaring vocals reaching for our heartstrings. There is a true beauty to the songwriting here.



For that more intimate tone we have “In The Night”. This is a perfect example of Wendy Webb’s desire to provide an experience where it feels as if she is singing just for you. Romantic, elegant, and emotional.

Toward the end of the album, Wendy Webb tackles her own version of the Bob Dylan song “Girl From The North Country”. Somehow she takes a beautiful song and adds a more modern organ element to make it even prettier. And Wendy’s voice is much prettier than Dylan’s ever was.

Find some time for yourself and have a listen to the full  “Step Out Of Line” album. Dive more into the sound of Wendy Webb on her WEBSITE.