I heard a strange, but true story about the origin of  the band, The Soft Pack’s name today.  The Los Angeles (via-San Diego) indie mope-punk rockers were called The Muslims back when they got started in 2008.  Maybe not the smartest choice.  How far could a group calling itself the Muslims get in today’s politcally correct music business?

The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims) – Answer To Yourself

The Soft Pack

The Soft Pack (formerly The Muslims)

  “It’s just a band name,” guitarist Matty McLoughlin told an interviewer early last year. “It isn’t meant to describe us or associate us with anything.” But by the end of the year, the band had switched to The Soft Pack. “We were sick of it,” he later said. “Sick of questions, jihad comments, basically everything about it. It became a total nuisance.”

  Now I find out the new name is not exactly politically correct anyway.  It seems that a Soft Pack refers to a fake phallus used to give the appearance of a penis under clothing.  Here is the description fom the company;

  Soft Pack:
This family of packers is built to bulge. The realistic package feels amazing through jeans and has even been known to pass the “squeeze test” at gay men’s clubs. It has a “realistic” texture as well as form, and successfully mimics a flaccid penis. Available in Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate, and Blue colors and in mini, small, medium and large sizes.

  Good for them though.  At least the band stayed true to being kind of offensive just not letting the casual listener know about it.  God Bless even today’s punk rockers and the punk rock attitude.

Do you have any good band name origin stories?

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