At the end of every year there are tons of “best of” music lists made.  It is great to listen to the top songs of the last year to stay current but I prefer the collections of the greatest songs of all time.  Why limit yourself to only the music released in the last 12 months.  Year end is a great time to go back and listen to the best music ever recorded.  Each individual has their own taste but be open to listening to oldies music.

Oldies Music

Much of everyone’s oldies collection was on old formats such as vinyl or 8-track.  But let’s face it those technologies are a thing of the past and downloaded MP3s are here to stay.  The beauty of this is that you can hold your whole music collection on a small little music player.  The internet is great for finding these songs of the past as well.  With a little searching you can find free oldies downloads from great websites, learn more here.

Enjoy your holidays with some of the classics of all time.  Next year you can pick up on the latest new releases again but do not neglect the oldies music that is the basis for every song you hear on the modern rock radio station today.

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