Whittney Mikkél – IBG Exclusive Premiere of ‘Begin Again’

Whittney Mikkel

One of my favorite parts of running a music blog is getting to hear new music before it reaches the public. Discovering great songs before anyone else has always been part of my passion. I know this sounds like music snobbery but I can live with that description of me, lol. That thrill is here again as Indie Band Guru was given the opportunity to premiere the new song “Begin Again” by Whittney Mikkél.


Hailing from Orange County, California, the independent singer-songwriter has all the talent in the world. Whittney began taking piano lessons at age five and found her calling in singing and creating unique music. The fire burned as she moved on in her musical education through the Orange County School of the Arts, where she focused on musical theater and opera. She then attended Fullerton College for classical and Jazz voice as well as earning a Performance BM in the Jazz Studies program at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University – Long Beach.


The talents of Whittney Mikkél have developed granting her a wide vocal range. This has provided her with the opportunity to find a distinct sound that defies genre boundaries and is all her own. Whittney independently released her debut album ‘Before the Day’ in 2014 and has been writing and releasing singles since late 2015.


Her latest single “Begin Again” is set for release on March 1st but we have it here for an exclusive first listen for Indie Band Guru’s readers.


Exclusive IBG Premiere of “Begin Again” by Whittney Mikkél

Whittney Mikkel


The song developed from a previously unreleased song that never felt complete. After some starts, stops, and changes, “Begin Again” has finally come together as a beautiful female duet full of emotion. Allie Tyler of The Marketed Musician was brought in to lend her amazing voice to the project.


Whittney Mikkél hopes listeners will find the message behind “Begin Again” comforting and uplifting and take some joy in its heartfelt performance. I personally have felt this joy. There is an ease to the song that seems to reach deep into your soul to put it at ease. Pure beauty reaching out of your speakers and into your heart.


Enjoy “Begin Again” and don’t forget to tell everyone where you heard it first. (There is that music snobbery popping up again, lol.)


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