Will Dee Reaches Potential With ‘New Beats and Pinties!!’

Will Dee

The more music we create the more our sound will develop. Everyone must put in the time necessary to reach their true talent. Not only that but you must have an open mind to where music will take you. Our recent discovery Will Dee has let music take the wheel leading him to a truly unique sound that is all his own.

The prolific songwriter originally hails from Scotland but now is based in Bordeaux, France. Leaving home at age 16, Will Dee bounced around various cities in the UK playing in bands and busking his own songs on the street. This is where he developed his unique voice and somewhat dark songwriting style. Just getting out there and doing it. Follow his lead.

This past September, Will Dee released his first solo hip-hop album New Beats and Pinties!! The 10 track record is a journey into his unique style that will make you stand up and take notice. From the first breaths of the opener “Clocks”, you know this is different. The beat slinks along in the background while Will pours out his emotion-laden lyrics.

The elegant mix of sounds on “Have You Even Read The Internet” keeps the listener’s attention with its switch ups. There is a story in the vocals that requires a few listens to appreciate. We get a little more energy in the cool spastic vibe of “Do What You Want”. Sounds come from all angles to build an uncommon backdrop to the track.

Will Dee brings in the production skills of Redrum for the single “The One”. The refined sound creeps deep into your soul as Will powers through his folk-hop vocal style. This one seems to be personal and he has no qualms about sharing his thoughts with his fans. Some more top-notch beat production can be heard on “Bleu Tacks”. The drum will get your head bopping along as the piano and organ fills keep you guessing where the song will go next. Personally, I am really feeling this one. 

For the closer “Eighty-Seven A.M.” everything comes together for a full wall of sonic energy blending into a fun and insightful trip. Will masters the assortment of sounds he can bring to the table.

We had the chance to catch up with Will Dee for an even deeper look into what makes him tick. Enjoy the interview here:

What drives Will Dee to create music?

Life drives me to make music. Music is therapy.

How would you describe your unique style?

Well, I’m a folk musician turned rapper. It could be folk-hop I suppose. Although that sounds quite a lot like “fuck up.”

Who has been the biggest influence in your career?

My family. I come from two families of musicians, both on my father’s and mother’s side. Both big catholic families. My mother’s one of seven, as is my father. So that’s a lot of musical aunts and uncles and cousins. So they’ve all influenced me in some way.

Tell us about your songwriting process and inspirations. How are you able to stay so prolific in your writing?

Before I would write songs with my guitar. But after I became a father, I had to figure out a way of making music without waking the baby, so I taught myself about sampling and making music digitally with headphones on. I could also write the raps without belting them out at the top of my voice. I find the whole beat making process relaxing, and do it to wind down at the end of the day. Once the kid’s in bed.

What does the future hold for Will Dee?

I’ve nearly finished the next album. It’ll mix more folk into the hip hop. I’ve recently dusted off the old Gibson. Thinking of calling it “Ghosts”, as I want the urban style to be haunted by phantoms of folk. Got around ten songs already. And I’ve been signed up with a good promoter in France for some live shows. Plenty more to come. But tonight probably involves making a beat.

Stay tuned for more beats and stories on the Will Dee WEBSITE.

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