Fran Minney

Fran Minney has come along way since her debut EP Leaving Our Bodies in 2015. Back then, her music was more focused on her guitar and her voice. Now it has evolved into a sound described as “dreamy pop for the glittery soul”. It shows how the likes of Aurora, Wet, Hozier and Jamie Woon have shaped her new direction. 

Minney has been working hard on a new batch of songs to showcase her change in sound. She says “It’s a satisfying feeling to be releasing this collection of songs that I feel encapsulate where I’m at currently with my songwriting while also celebrating what has formed my sound. Writing these songs has given me catharsis and contentment. I hope others can find relief in them too”. Now she is ready for the world to hear her new EP Taking Shape.

The EP opens up with “Tracks”. Instantly, it sweeps the listener aways with its electro-pop flow. It sets up a captivating atmosphere for her gentle vocals to come in. She starts off her tale with “If you want to know me ask these fields / Where every blade of grass has acted like a shield / Holding memories of mine / Now I’m inviting you inside to”. As the song continues, her voice and music breathe naturally. It is so beautiful on the ears. There are moments when her emotive tone shines brightly. No lines showcase this more than “Take a seat upon the hill / Hold yourself against the chill / Above the city that raised me / In these fields where I ran free”.

“Taking Shape” offers more of a similar flow as the opening track. Minney’s vocals continue to shine with its delicate and emotive tone. It is used to share her tale about completely giving yourself to another person to help them grow. Her great way with words sets up the scene with “We’re trading places / And you’re taking shape / And I’ll make a space for you / We make mistakes / And we’re always changing / And my heart would break for you”. These lines are repeated throughout to get the message across. Each time they appear, they are shared in a delicate and emotive manner. 

“Home” sees Minney join forces with producer Calum Murray. Together they create a story about “finding a home in another person and the fears that accompany that reliance”. She connects with their words to give the song an honest and emotional feel. The lyrics also deliver a positive message to be stronger and adapt to the situation. It is highlighted during the lines “Maybe it’s time I stop letting the tide suck me in / Gotta start swimming / Maybe it’s time, but I don’t know how to begin / I’ve been treading water / Gotta learn to swim”.

Minney saves the best for last with the song “Footprints”. From its outset, she creates a beautiful atmosphere by weaving her synth-pop magic. Soon, her delicate vocals join in. They are used to share the opening lines “Sometimes my reflection is unclear / My eyes are clouded by the things I fear / I want to build something strong but I can barely carry on / Take me home, take me home”. With each line, she delivers a captivating emotion which flows naturally with her music. 

‘Taking Shape’ confirms the evolution of the music by Fran Minney with her best collection of songs to date

With each release, Fran Minney evolves her sound and becomes a more impressive songwriter. This journey has taken her to a collection of songs that has an air of confidence about it. As a result, she has created her best work to date. It also emphasises her lyrical talents. Grab a copy of Taking Shape today then press play. You will not be disappointed.

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