Will EQ’s “Hit A Low”: New Sound, New Single

Will EQ

Will EQ is a highly-motivated rap artist out of Atlanta, Georgia with his eyes in the streets and his heart on his music. He’s the head of an artist collective called Machine Society, whose upcoming compilation tape is set to be one of the best of this decade. As an artist, he’s developed a number of politically relevant pieces each with their own style, but his latest work is something serious.

“Hit A Low”, is the kind of single you can’t play just once. He raps with an unmasked courage and an inspiring fearlessness. His candid and inquisitive lyricism is reminiscent of early rap groups like N.W.A and Tribe Called Quest, but stylistically, he takes an obvious T.I approach. His south Georgia drawl hangs luminously over his clear-cut rhymes and allows his voice to be both commanding and engaging in a single swing.

Be sure to check out this one and songs like it on his Soundcloud. After “Hit A Low”, I’d suggest taking a look at “Bright Side”



Here, he steps into the second verse with a vengeance. He begins with a slow-moving, head-nodding flow as he builds up steam for a fiery finish. He spits with a semi-cynical bitterness, but then cleans it up with a calm and playful bridge and hook. The treble taps along in a tip-toe as the bass stomps it’s angry feet. As usual, Will EQ delivers precise and promising vocalism on the top end.

His work is genuine and honest, making it easy for listeners to label him a truth-teller. He maintains a straight-shooting simplicity whilst still including a few witty lines to keep us wanting more. With an open-door transparency and keen understanding of the southern hip-hop crowd, Will EQ has the potential to become a major influence amongst the new generation of hip-hop listeners. As he continues to perfect his verses and professionalize his sound, it’s only a matter of time before we know him as a major figure in the south.

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And be on on the lookout for his upcoming solo album, “Light Years”, dropping this summer!

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