The Wooden Sky Prepare For Swimming In Strange Waters

Wooden Sky

-review by Linda Acevedo

Right from the get go, Wooden Sky’s newest album, “Swimming In Strange Waters”, starts you off with hard hitting riffs and beats that grab your attention and never lets you go.  As both a music and a science fiction buff, I tip my hat to the subtle nod to Frank Herbert’s classic, “Dune” in the album’s title. As I sat down to listen, I knew any album that was willing to evoke references to such iconic literature would likely take its listeners to both new worlds and new places within ourselves. Wooden Sky delivers!

Wooden Sky Release Lead Single And Title Track


This album is an eclectic mix of pain laced lyrics and psychedelic nuanced rock. Its varied tracks help the listener explore their own thoughts and feelings as they experience the raw, deeply held emotions of this album.  We hear the simplistic beauty of simple vocals accompanied by just guitars in “Born to Die”, distinct country infused rock in “Deadhorse Creek” and “Black Gold” with many other stops along the way. Although each song has its own unique sound and style, Wooden Sky manages to create an unforgettable and cohesive album.

One song I feel needs to be singled out is Track 3, “You’re Not Alone”, This track layers soulful lyrics, haunting strings and an old-style rock beat that is both wonderfully familiar and yet beautifully different all at once. Violins and woodwinds mix together in a swirl of sadness, reassurance and simple rock and roll. I can hear the influence of Fleetwood Mac, but Wooden Sky never loses its own voice in this song. It is easily my favorite song on the album and I hope to see it take off and reach the masses.

Wooden Sky’s, “Swimming In Strange Waters” will be released on April 7th by Nevado Records.  For more information, I encourage readers to visit their WEBSITE.