Wool Sucker Releases Mysteriously Surreal Debut Album ‘Plastic Wings’

Wool Sucker

Wool Sucker have a knack for taking the mysteriously surreal stories that you come across in life and turning them into something more, into a song perhaps. The group clings to the unexpected and the unseen, creating original tunes pulled from magical realism, mythology, and more. The intriguing bunch combined acoustic production with synth to create an uncanny Americana album, Plastic Wings, fresh off the presses yesterday.

Along with their debut album, Wool Sucker also released a music video to the track “Rusalka (Drown With Me)”. It’s a haunting tale of falling off the deep-end and getting sucked into a negative routine, a detrimental revolving door of self destruction.

For fans of the XX, Kurt Vile, or similar groups, Wool Sucker compares with their sullen lead vocals and chill bass. The calming keyboards and guitar create a sweeping instrumental behind the seemingly sweet lyrics.

The Wool Sucker Band

The sounds you’re hearing took a collaboration of the creative minds of more than five people. You have Alex Minier on bass and lead vocals, Jeff McLaughlin on guitar, Andrew Miramonti on keyboard, Cody Rahn on drums, Elizagrace Madrone on songwriting duties, and the additional creatives who worked to produce the Plastic Wings, notably producer Kevin Salem, who has previous worked with artists such as Rachael Yamagata and Yo La Tengo.

And so it was, five unrelated people wandering their way through New York City, only to come together in a club on the Lower East Side and, as fate shall have it, ultimately form Wool Sucker.

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