There are many distractions in todays society for a child.  Be it the internet or the iPad there is always something pulling at a young person’s free time.  This is why I find it even more amazing today when I find a young person that started musical studies at a young age and is able to keep up with it and become the talented artist that they were meant to be.  Our latest find XJ Jack is a great example of this.

The DJ, performer, actor, rapper and producer is only 19 years old but well on his way to a promising career.  Also known as Umet Ellez, XJ Jack first started diving into music at the age of 9 when the passion grabbed him.  Piano and DJ lessons followed  building the foundation for his imagination.  After some friends convinced him that his music needed to heard he began working on an EP in 2012.

Two years later the Lucid Dreaming EP came to fruition.  The 7 track record is a testament to what a skilled individual can do with the right training and equipment.  The album opening static of “Another Dimension” shifts the listener into another world with a trance like effect.  The mellow build is a perfect starter for what is to come.  On “Fears, Drugs, And, Spirits” the sound moves toward a grooving dance floor beat getting the head bobbing along.  The climax of the record has to be “Jager Dreams” from its monotone vocal beginning to the bass drop that will get everyone on the dancefloor.  The track grinds along shifting just enough to keep the listener guessing.  The rapping flow is showed off on “rAve Maria”.  There seems to be everything thrown all together into one here.  XJ Jack seems to be able to go in any direction he chooses.  We are looking forward to what is next.

Enjoy “Jager Dreams” below:


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