Any artist that truly strives for success must be open to explore different takes on his music.  Collaboration is key in finding new aspects and influences to broaden the depth of your sound.  One man who is unafraid of this is our friend Junior Turner.

The United Kingdom rising star has been reaching all corners of the globe for the right people to work with and have their hands in his music.  After many accomplishments such as winning songwriting contests and having his songs reach the top of the indie charts, Junior is still willing to let people rework his craft.  The latest experiment is the remix of his song “Better Day” by DJ DavyD.  The track has a disco sound that will put a groove in anyone’s step.  Take a listen here: 

The powerful lead vocal of Junior Turner is accompanied by the voice of Jess Wood to sweeten it up.  The track was released last Friday, September 12th and is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.  Check it out and keep your ears on new stuff coming out regularly from Junior Turner.

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