A real beauty of the new music scene, where a talented artist can record and produce his own music, is the freedom to make music that appeals to himself without the need to please some major label big wig that never even wrote a song before.  Any ideas can be tried and mixed together until you personally are pleased with the music.  One exemple of this musical freedom is our latest discovery Sons On The Pyre.

Sons On The Pyre

The project from San Juan, Puerto Rico crafts an experimental kind of electronic rock.  Many influences and genres can be felt in the music including Industrial, Electronica, Metal, Asian, Hindi, and even some Reggae beats.  This is progressive music.  The sounds of Nine Inch Nails have been a major influence to Sons On The Pyre both with their innovative sounds and frontman Trent Reznor’s fearless approach to the music industry and proving being an independent success is a possibility.

The latest record from Sons On The Pyre is Biorhythm.  The 9 track album is an all out attack on the senses ready to mold your brain.  The opener “Liberator” puts the listener in a trance like state with its keyboard rhythms and atmospheric sounds.  Next is “Pillface” and a bouncy beat cut with a dark vocal track that attempts to enter your nightmares.  This will grab your attention.  There is a nice hard alternative rock song “In Silent Memory”.  There is much more added here though with noise seeming to come at you from every angle.   The dance floor is under seige on “Deaducation” with its techno sounds mixed with a haunting vocal full of impressive lyrics to make you think.  By the time you get to the closer “Thank You” you will be mentally exhausted but Sons On The Pyre try to bring you down easy with an assortment of sounds mashed together letting you choose what to focus on.

Please take a listen for yourself at: http://sonsonthepyre.com/biorhythm/


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