Music has always been a big part of religion.  Songs have been passed down for generations to relay the stories of the Bible, Torah, and even Koran.  To a music lover like me the songs make going to church services a lot more enjoyable than just listening to a long winded homily.  There have been many great artists that had their start in gospel music.  One we came across recently is the talented Zone Of The Trinity.

Zone Of The Trinity

Born as Jesse Crosby Mantey, the man of Ghanaian descent lived most of his early years in the nation’s capital Accra.  He grew up in a very musical family but most of them had their musical careers subdued due to the circumstances.  Jesse pushed forward and is now known as Zone Of The Trinity in music circles.  He combines both African and American gospel music to create a unique blend of his own.  He feels blessed to have been given a voice “in a time when we all need so desperately cry and pour out our hearts in worship.”   He owes a special gratitude to all the trail blazing contemporary gospel artists of Ghana and especially to Ebi Mensah of CCBC London for steering him in the right direction.

Zone Of The Trinity has recently released his debut EP The Call My Answer.  The 3 song collection hinges greatly on gospel dedication but also has a very prominent pop music feel that could be enjoyed by everyone.  On ‘I’m So Ready’ he shows off his welcoming voice over a pretty piano piece that will keep the listener entertained.  The next track ‘Cant Runaway Anymore’ is a slightly different style that coaxes the listener to focus on the lyrics while an interesting soundscape is produced in the background.  There is a lot going on in this song.  The last song ‘Doubting Castle’ has a very contemporary, almost R&B, feel that makes the song very approachable to anyone willing to give it a listen.  His vocal style and accent create something that is very original.

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