Let’s face facts.  The commercial radio is dying, buying CDs to discover music is long gone, iTunes is becoming old news, Pandora and Spotify are ok but commercials are pushing people away.  Music discovery is splintered.  According to a Nielson study 48% of adults still say they discover music through the radio but when asking the same question to the younger generation, the answers change dramatically.  Over 64% of teens say that YouTube is their first choice in finding new music.  This is key knowledge for a band looking for exposure to new fans.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, claims more than 800 million unique visitors every month. More than 3 billion hours of videos are viewed each month and 72 hours worth of video are uploaded every minute.  With YouTube being the driving musical force that it is today it is imperative for every band to get their music on there.

Big Bang Zoom

There is not necessarily a need to have a big budget, high tech music video.  Just get your music on there as easily as possible.  One group that has this figured out is BigBangZoom.  The folk pop band with a touch of country has an assortment of quickly made videos that will keep your attention through the songs as well as the images.  On ‘Nobody But Me’ they feature a collection of sunrise and sunset pictures that are all more amazing than the last.  GIve it a view here:

BigBangZoom is also a band that has a lot to say through their music.  Music to them is a way to express their feelings and make a point to a society that often overlooks things.  Watch ‘In These Blues’, a song for the homeless here:

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