Kaye’s Honey EP Available For Pre-Order


Kaye is simply made for this.

Her voice rings strong and triumphant, making much more than music from synthesized towers and mountain tops. She can fit comfortably into even the most electro-based genres but, often times, she’ll utilize authentic instrumentation to compliment her vocal talent. The Hawaiian native is currently based out of New York City and has an all-new EP headed your way.

Kaye’s Honey EP is available for pre-order right now on her Pledgemusic campaign page and is well-worth a listen. She’s got some really cool rewards for anyone willing to pledge and is an artist truly dedicated to perfecting her craft.

Kaye’s Creativity

Kaye has molded together absolutely heavenly symphonies and seems to have hand-crafted an extremely innovative interpretation of nearly every genre of music. Considering her ridiculously professional production quality on top of her tremendous talent, it’s really a wonder we haven’t seen her at a major award show yet.

In songs like “UUU” and “Honey,” she takes traditional ’80s synthpop backbeats and turns them into modernized masterpieces. Regardless of the simplicity that sits behind her musically, she never fails to ramp up the emotion with her standout singing voice. She’s got a deadly combination of confidence and creativity, and it’s a pleasure watching it unfold.

Musically, electronica has proven to serve her quite well in the past but, rest assured, Kaye is in no way limited to the realm of electropop. In her best work, she takes the time to compile entire orchestras into a single song and it sounds amazing.

In songs like “Animal Love II,” Kaye makes it very clear that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the indie music industry. With warrior-like intensity and chief-like command, she facilitates a symphonic work of art. The piece is as much fit for a concert hall as for a night alone in your room.

I know, she’s really good.

This song was released as part of an album titled Animal Love and earned Kaye a #15 spot on iTunes the week it was released. You can hear this song and a bunch more like it on her Soundcloud account. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

What’s Next For Kaye?

As she embarked on her journey through the music industry back in 2011, Kaye earned immediate attention from her first album. Her song was chosen to be the official boarding song for Delta Airlines and became so popular that she was able to completely fund her second album from a single Kickstarter crowdfunding effort.

Since then, she has opened for multiple artists on national tours and has devoted her life to developing as an artist. This is mind, we have very high expectations for her new Honey EP.  We’ve seen her merge genres in ways no one else can and have the utmost faith in her vocal capabilities.

This EP may be exactly what Kaye needs to take her career to the next level. We just hope you’re there to help her.