Stellarscope Takes Us On A Full Sonic Trip


Today there are the pop songs of the mainstream radio that entertain the masses but have no real soul.  In the indie underground, there still exist heartfelt and edgy music that puts all the emotions of the songwriter right in the speakers for everyone to feel.  This is the music that truly resonates with real fans of music.  These songs are remembered long after they have their 15 minutes of fame.  Our new friends Stellarscope have been carrying the torch for quite a while and still put it all on the table.

The Philadelphia-based indie rock band has been creating their own unique sound since the late 1990’s.  The combination of frontman Tom Lugo, drummer Bob Forman, and bassist Rob DeFlaviis makes for a dark alt-rock sound filled with shoegaze and post-punk influences.  Emotions pour through the speakers while still providing pop sensibilities that have garnered Stellarscope critical acclaim and a loyal fanbase.  

The band is also well known for their imaginative live performances.  In addition to the dense wall of sound that Stellarscope provides, concertgoers are treated to a fully immersive audiovisual experience.  Influence is taken from Pink Floyd with imaginative light production and video streams adorning the stage and crowd to create a literal feeling of “drowning in a sea of noise.”  The full experience tells the story that Stellarscope provides.

The newest offering by Stellarscope is full-length album Standing in the Shadow of Your Ghost.  The 10 track record has been described as the musical equivalent of a Quentin Tarantino film.  The opening track “Don’t Belong” lays down the fog of sound with a haunting vocal buried in a sea of noise.  It seems we start with the end of a relationship that was never meant to be.  

The band explores even more sonic nuances of “Falling”.  The track is littered with random modern noises that place a trippy sensation into your head.  As the lyrics say “The more we are willing to forgo/The farther down the rabbit hole we go.”.  We are deep now!

Pure Rock Exploration by Stellarscope


The lead single “Only Strangers Now” is a powerful rock track with a dark groove.  There seem to be nods to the classic shoegaze of Joy Division and even early Cure here.  The pounding drums and driving bass push you forward as the swirl of guitars surrounds you.  

The spacy trip of “”You Feel It Too” is another song that gets deep into your psyche as you search for the proper piece to latch on to before it fades in or out of the sonic landscape.  The lyrics are elegantly soul searching making the listener yearn for hope.  By the time we reach the closing track “This Is How It Ends” the listener is prepared for the fuzz from the speakers encapsulating their every pore.  The complete album is an epic experience that should be listened to from start to finish.  

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