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The Good Morning Nags Put In The Work

To become good at anything takes a lot of practice. That statement is true in everything but is truly evident in music. For a band, it takes time working together to achieve that cohesiveness needed to create great music. Finding opportunities to perform is essential. The hardest working bands will do what it takes to

Gina Clowes Ready To Show Her ‘True Colors’

Gina Clowes has called upon some of the best musicians in the bluegrass genre for her first solo album, True Colors, and they contribute a tremendous amount to the final product. What makes this twelve song collection really go, however, isn’t the musicianship alone. Clowes has debuted with eleven impressive originals and even the album’s

Donna Ulisse is ‘Breakin’ Easy’

The latest album by Donna Ulisse, ‘Breakin’ Easy’ is the obvious by product of a performer who knows her music inside and out. Ulisse navigates her way through the landscapes of bluegrass and classic country with steady, yet unassuming, confidence that keeps each of the album’s dozen songs tightly tethered to the ground. There’s a