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Phil Varca and the SlamJammers Still Going Strong

The two new singles from Phil Varca and the SlamJammers are blazing examples of their blues rock power entitled “Cash” and “Don’t Push Me”. The band has established quite a reputation in the New York City area and they’ve appeared in plum supporting spots for top tier acts like Joe Bonamassa and Shemekia Copeland, along

Willy And The Planks Bringing Blues Back

We are all well aware of the everyday distractions and stresses that get in the way of our forward progress. Music has always been a great way to refocus and let the business of everyday life fade into the background. Sometimes even an escape. Our recent find Willy and The Planks are experts in providing

Stormceller Shows Off Their ‘Defiance’

 Roots music is often strictly categorized by genre and the purist fans of each style like it that way. Those who perform it stay within those pre-drawn lines most of the time as well. Blues bands don’t normally write folk or country songs and Western Swing bands seldom play Celtic music. This works well enough