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Indie Bible

Well here we are. A new year. We have all made new resolutions and big goals for 2022. The sad reality is that all of these big ideas are just fruitless dreams UNLESS we actually make a plan. An early part of that plan must be getting the tools needed to reach the success you want. The Indie Bible has been one of those tools for independent artists and labels for quite a while now.

If you have been around the independent music scene for any amount of time you have probably heard of it. The Indie Bible has been around for 23 years and is still going strong. That is saying something for the ever changing music industry. They seem to take pride in making sure each edition is better than the last. And each year it seems to grow. Over the years the company has added the Indie Spotify Bible, Apple Music Bible, Indie YouTube Bible, and the Indie Venue Bible. 

In this day and age, it is both easy and difficult to get your music out there. With so much competition from established artists and tons of record labels, it can be hard to make a name for yourself and get noticed among the noise. That’s why indie musicians need all the help they can get from the quality outlets they can find. The Indie Bible is one of those outlets. They continue to help artists reach their audience and keep things going on their own.

Although the Indie Bible is full of so much information, it is relatively easy to use. The table of contents is organized to find exactly what you are searching for. Scroll down to the page and you will have the full contact info for the right people waiting to hear your music. The websites are clickable within the Indie Bible to take you directly to the music blogs, The emails are clickable too when you are ready to start pitching your new music.

Get your pitches in order. Find the right spots. And click and go.

***PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE SUBMITTING TO BLOGS THAT COVER YOUR MUSIC AND FOLLOW THIER SUBMISSION GUIDELINES!!! (We hate getting downloadable files of black metal here. We do NOT open downloads and we never cover black metal) Take your time to do a little research.

Overall, the Indie Bible is a great tool for independent musicians looking to reach out to bloggers, music journalists, radio programmers, and playlist curators. It is worth the small investment for musicians who are looking for a boost in their marketing efforts in 2022. There is a great bundle being offered right now HERE.

***And because we LOVE you and want to see your success this year, we worked out a deal so you can get the 2022 Indie Bible for FREE when you get the Online Database for just $39 within the next day! Check it out.

It’s time to take your music career seriously. You will not find a better deal than that to get started in 2022. Dive in and let us know how it goes. Indie Band Guru is here to help along the way.

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