The Minds Web Wakes Up With ‘Vitality’

The Minds Web

Life is a series of adventures and signs. Some of us will ignore the signs and continue to live a life that will be ordinary at best. Others will find their calling and pursue a better life. There will be struggles but that is part of the journey. Our friend Chris from The Minds Web has grown and taken the steps to improve not only his music but his overall mental wellbeing.

From his early days of pounding drums and strumming acoustic guitars, a passion for creating original music was built. Life threw many difficulties at Chris Buchanan, including cancer taking his mother. The dream of a better version of himself drew Chris to seek a life changing journey to mental and physical change in Peru with the help of Ayahuasca. This led to the formation of his innovative musical project The Minds Web.

The newest video from his Centre Lane EP is the imaginative “Vitality.” The alternative rock track builds a full picture of emotion with pounding drums and melodic guitar. The heartfelt vocal delivery shares what spins around in The Minds Web. The music has a way of mesmerizing the listener to enter that world as a partner of the artist. It seems all are welcome.

The video is just as beautiful as Chris walks through the forest alone in a journey of discovery. He says it was inspired by true events of being stuck in a low energy space before finally finding his path to rebirth into a higher self. The music as well as the colors and imagery further the story for all of us to absorb. 

It seems like the journey is only getting started. Keep up with The Minds Web HERE




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