5 Tips While Buying Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets

Word has it that your favorite band will be performing near you. They have mentioned it on their Instagram and Twitter, and every newspaper and TV station is advertising it. Their music is all over the radio, and you are making sure you know all the lyrics. Fans in your city are scrambling for tickets. They might get sold out, and you might end up missing out. It’s almost impossible to get tickets for a popular event nowadays. You wouldn’t want to miss that concert not even if it means selling your kidney (pun intended). To make sure you get one, here are five tips while buying concert tickets.

  1. Use Reliable Ticket Sellers

There are many ticket brokers out there selling tickets, but not all of them are genuine. A few of them are there to steal from innocent revelers their hard-earned money. It’s advisable to check company ratings with Better Business Bureau or check complains and ratings on Reddit and Glassdoor.

Brokers such as Stub Hub have tickets going for a little higher price than the advertised value, but it’s worth than buying a ticket that doesn’t exist or buying an overpriced VIP ticket later on. Before purchasing a ticket, check if the broker is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. It is advisable to buy tickets from reliable sellers like Front Row Tickets so that you don’t get surprises later.

  1. Embrace Technology

Remember the days when the internet was something of the future. That future which is today. Those were the days when people used to line up and buy tickets to watch bands like The Beatles perform. Thank God, it’s all behind us.

Now you can buy tickets from your phone or computer. It would be absurd to line up in order to get a ticket. Follow your favorite artists’ official fan pages. From there you will always know the concert days, and you can prepare yourself before they touch down in your town. You can even find big events and festivals that have multiple big name artists playing together. Before purchasing concert tickets, be sure to check out a festival ticketing platform which offers a secure and convenient option for buying tickets online.

  1. Set a Reminder

You might be so busy with life trying to make ends meet that you forget that you are planning to take a break from all that stress by attending a concert. The best idea is to set a reminder so that you grab tickets before the D-day.

Some people miss concerts because they forget to buy tickets on time and later find out that tickets are already sold out. It would be such a terrible feeling to see all your friends having their tickets and knowing that you will be left behind.

  1. Read the Fine Print

Some artists are activists. Some are cancer ambassadors. How we wish all the artists in the world would encourage people to stop using drugs and serve as examples! Some artists advocate for environment-friendly practices. They sell paperless tickets.  

Paperless tickets require you to purchase tickets online, and you present yourself at the gate with your tickets on phone along with an ID. Buyers don’t get physical tickets, so they can’t transfer those tickets to other people. (Although more and more ticket sellers are now setting up tranferability)

  1. Make Your Purchase Account Early

Every ticket selling site requires you to sign up before you make a purchase. Therefore, sign up earlier because tickets sell out in minutes, and you wouldn’t want to spend those minutes registering. As they say, the early bird gets the worm.

However, avoid purchasing tickets late at night. That’s the time websites undergo maintenance. Your transactions might fail to go through, and you might waste your time instead of resting.


You should also be an active listener to the radio. As radios broadcast about a concert, they also give away free tickets. Who knows, it could be your lucky day, and you could get that ticket without spending a dime. What a night it will be to catch up with your favorite rapper, singer, or band? Prepare for a fun-filled event.

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