5 Ways To Help You Find Musical Inspiration


Music is a universal language and a powerful tool that helped most people change their moods. As a result, people find working with their favorite songs to be a great motivational exercise.

For most musicians and songwriters, writing music is a way of putting thoughts and feelings into words and into a tune. Any musician can attest that having musical inspiration is an exciting way of discovering something new and fresh. 

For some, it might be a tune they can’t get out of their head or an emotion they must put into words. However, most musicians get to a place where they have developed routines and habits regarding creating or composing music. 

Sticking to the same creative patterns might lead to developing the same tunes which can result in a lack of creativity. For musicians or composers, having a blank page is a nightmare. So, if you lack inspiration, it’s time to step back and find experiences that’ll help you think differently. Below are some ways to help you find the inspiration that makes writing songs easier and faster. 

Learn More Music

After getting used to writing music a certain way, learning new ways of writing different music will help you find inspiration. You’ll need to start by understanding the concept of the new music theory, even those that you hate. 

In addition, you might need to listen to and study different music genres to find inspiration that allows you to discover musical styles. Once you familiarize yourself with what you like and bring a fresh twist to your music, you might end up with something you like. 

You can also consider watching another artist in their element. As you do, you might find the inspiration you’re looking for. For instance, buying tickets to see Elton John live or any other musicians is a good way of learning and exploring different genres of music. 

Remix Or Return To Your Old Material 

The chances of a musician having material that didn’t cut are high. So, whether you have an idea that came to a halt from the lack of inspiration, it might be time to revisit it. Looking at the old work with a fresh perspective might just be what you need to get your inspiration back. 

With fresh eyes, you might find yourself changing the instrumentation, finding the right tempo, and experimenting with different rhythms and keys. In addition, you can remix your old songs by experimenting and enhancing the sound. Remixing might leave you with a completely reinvented creation.  

This process should help you get back on track when it comes to writing music. Figuring out how to write good music again often lays in finding the perfect balance between new and old. Revisiting and playing around with your existing material can be a good start.

Travel Out Of Your Usual Environment

Getting into a habit can limit a creative’s imagination. So, it might be time to go out and seek adventure to break the habit. However, this doesn’t mean booking an expensive vacation that might put a dent in your wallet. 

Whether you’re going out of town, taking a trip to a new part of your city, or enjoying nature in a cabin, you need to get to a place that contrasts with the environment you’re used to. Spending time in a new place has a way of helping you experience creativity from a different perspective. 

Sometimes, going to a new place can help you have positive thoughts that leave you feeling inspired. Remember to enjoy the sounds, sights, weather, nature, or social interactions you have. 

Enjoy Other Forms Of Art

Art comes in different forms and each has a way of inspiring different creatives. For musicians, there are numerous masterpieces that, when indulged in, can provide new levels of creativity. For instance, you can get inspired by a powerful story with intense emotions that are both positive and sad. 

Consider visiting a museum or art gallery guaranteed to grow and feed your imagination. You might discover new pieces that show the translation of ideas and experiences, thus putting you in an amazing mindset. 

Take A Walk Or Jog

Having a clear head always helps with creativity, and walking or jogging is a great way of clearing your head. In addition, participating in physical activity tends to distract people from everything else going on in their minds. 

Having a clear mind can help you focus, which can help your creativity flow again. This way even the things around you that produce unique sounds or look beautiful can be your musical inspiration as you can creatively write something about them.

Bottom Line

Musical inspiration is the drive behind so many successful kinds of music that are doing well. However, having the same routine in place tends to get tiring and lowers creativity. Ideas vary; sometimes, it might take some time, but other times, ideas come fast. As a result, you need to find ways to help you find inspiration and get one unstuck.

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