Surf-Punk Perfection from SWMRS

Say you’re taking a drive down the highway on a hot, sunny day. What are you listening to? Something upbeat and fun, right?

The new album by California-based SWMRS delivers just that. The four-piece group from Oakland delivers an upbeat, surf punk vibe that’s great if you love modern punk rock, but that’s not to say fans of bands like the Ramones wouldn’t enjoy them as well.

The first track from their new album Drive North, titled “Harry Dean,” definitely gives off a vibe similar to the kings of punk rock. As soon as I heard the first minute of “Harry Dean,” my mind went straight to “I Wanna be Sedated” — which, let’s face it, is a classic.

The second track, “BRB,” starts off with a very grunge-y guitar solo, but soon dives straight into angsty, yet catchy, lyrics. Before you get too comfortable with the grunge, you’re sent straight into a tempo that makes you want to play the air drums and forget that it’s the middle of winter.

A few skips ahead and you’ll hear “Figuring it Out,” which I would have to say is my favorite track from the album. It’s very upbeat, again, but it’s all about figuring out life and, more importantly, figuring out who you are. That’s basically what we’re all trying to do. Right?

SWMRS’ music is definitely something you could see yourself listening to in the middle of summer while you’re at a pool party, or as is my preference, inside enjoying the air conditioning. It’s also nice to listen to in February when you’ve got three inches of snow outside, because it definitely changes your mood.

The energizing combination of drums and guitar, not to mention the catchy lyrics, make it hard to forget SWMRS, and I can guarantee you’ll have their music stuck in your head for the entire day. But trust me, you won’t be complaining!

Check out cuts SWMRS’ new album, Drive North, including the title track, here or download it from iTunes.

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