Parker – Sharing Real Life Struggles Through Hip Hop

The artist that is willing to share his personal story will attract a real following.  Whether it be fans who can relate directly to the struggles and triumphs of the artist, or others who have not been there but appreciate the inside look into the life. Parker puts it out there for all to hear and experience.


The 21 year old recording artist, creative director, and emerging entrepreneur hails from Inglewood, California.  Music is Parker’s passion and it seems he would write songs for himself even if there was no one there to listen.  His goal remains to inspire those going through similar issues and show there is a way to rise above.

The latest offering from Parker is his The God Plan mixtape.  The 17 track record is an audio story line that details his life and the lives of those he grew up with in Inglewood, CA.  The tone is set right from the start with intro “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day”.  The mellow jazz vibe sets the mind at ease.  On “New Religion” the story begins as Parker flows flawlessly about setting his own path and new mission.  The mellow background beats continue on “Angels and D’evils” letting the focus stay on the lyrics and the story.  Parker’s speed and rhymes are impressive here.  The energy is turned up on “18 Going On Extinct” to wake the listener up to what is going on out there and how to break free before it is too late.  There continues to be inspiration and motivation in the songs to the final bonus track “twm” with a catchy beat by iamnobodi.

Go take in the full mixtape for yourself at:

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