Kapsize – Reggae Rock To The Next Level


So much great music over the last 20 years has been made by combining genres to create something fresh and new.  One particular sound that seems to be able to blend with any other seamlessly is the reggae genre.  A recent  artist that is bringing it back again is the band Kapsize.

The 3-piece band hails from the music hotbed of Austin, Texas.  Kapsize is made up of Aaron Rovenger – Vocals/ Guitar / Bass, Michael Collins – Guitar / Keys / Bass, and Zack Schuler – Drums / Backup Vocals.  Together they create a fresh brand of reggae rock that wakes people up and gets them moving.  Kapsize expands their sound bringing in flavors of Jazz and World music as well.  There is also a fun vibe to the music that they make that comes across to the listener and welcomes them in to be part of the crew.

Kapsize Wants To Share Their Good Vibes With You

The energy jumps right off the record on recent track “Porn Queen”.  The fast paced and impressively played guitar demands attention as it pushes forward.  The lyrical delivery is just as fast paced demanding a focus of its own.  The breakdowns share an emotional melody that throws the listener for a loop and keeps them guessing.  Kapsize shows off their jazzy reggae side on “Break It Off”.  The mellow melody lets you relax as the band sits you down to tell you a story along some bubbly keyboards.  It doesn’t last long though as they wake you up with some skanking guitar and raw energy.  The music of Kapsize demands multiple listens to take it all in.

Go get a taste for yourself at: http://reverbnation.com/kapsize

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