AALTA Shares Their ‘Borrowed Time’


A musical connection is a strong bond. Even after many years pass, two people that connected in music can pick up right where they left off and continue creating. This seems to be the case with our recent discovery of AALTA.


The production and songwriting duo based out of Los Angeles, California is made up of Daniel Pashman and Grammy Award winner Rich Jacques. The pair first met years ago when Daniel started taking guitar lessons from Rich. Right away a sort of magic was happening. Great musical minds work very well together.


After both forging their own impressive paths through the music industry, including Berklee College of Music degrees, Grammy Awards, and hundreds of song placements, the pair reconnected in 2017 to write and record a track for sultry pop singer Lenachka. The musical magic returned and the decision to work together as AALTA was an easy one. They started working with an array of talented vocalists including Maty Noyes, Desi Valentine, Lenachka, and Ellee Duke. The distinct emotional appeal of their productions has been garnering some major attention.



The latest single released on October 12th, 2018 is “Borrowed Time” featuring Desi Valentine. It is a modern alt-pop banger that grabs the listener’s attention both with its catchy beat and emotional vocals. The velvet voice of Valentine is able to capture both the feelings and the power of the song. We are drawn in close only to be overcome with the strong chorus. Sounds coming from every angle (including brass which always gets me) to fill the sonic space perfectly. “Borrowed Time” is just as at home on the floor of a crowded club as it is on your living room stereo as you dance like no one is watching. Get ready to move your body and hit repeat a bunch of times.


Keep up with this one and more from AALTA on their SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.  


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