It has been said many times but I will say it here again; Making Music Is A Passion.  There is no promise of fame and monetary success no matter how hard you try.  A musician must do what they do simply for the love of the lifestyle and happiness making music can create inside them.  Someone who truly seems to get this is Aaron Davison.

The songwriting guitarist has been in the music game for quite a while.  Aaron Davison started playing guitar age the age of 12 instead of diving into high school sports like most of his compatriots.  The passion bit him hard and he pursued a musical career by attending Berklee College Of Music and playing in no less than 4 bands.  He has performed in many different countries and has had his music heard on some popular television channels.  These successes only built up his obsession to write more music and provide the world with his art.  There are still dreams in Aaron’s head of becoming a famous musician but he has accepted the fact that even if that does not come he is satisfied with putting his heart into making the best music that he could.

The latest song “Headed Home” shows the climax of the songwriting talent that Aaron Davison has amassed.  It is a peppy acoustic song that spills out pretty melodies over each other to craft a full soundscape.  The vocals and guitar blend seamlessly to build a memorable song.  Enjoy a very professional looking music video for the track here:

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