Aaron Spiro – Finding Friends To Help Chase The Dream

Aaron Spiro

For those that are willing to look there is a huge assortment of talented musicians out there just trying to be heard.  These people are often willing to help each other out with whatever they can do to support one another’s dreams.  The explosion of the internet has made it even easier to find talented musicians out there and collaborate together only through the ether of connected internet wires.  Our recent find Aaron Spiro has used this to his advantage.  

The singer and songwriter hails from Seattle, Washington where he has become a big piece of the local scene.  Aaron Spiro truly found his passion by busking at Pike Place market and connecting with the people on the street.  

The next step was to record an album.  He knew this would be a difficult journey but he was up to the task.  As a solo artist he worked by himself but knew he would need help to put together a full record.  After laying down the guitar and lead vocal tracks, Aaron Spiro turned to the internet to discover a wealth of talent that could fill the sound of his album without the high pay scale afforded to session musicians.  These fellow musicians, in similar situations, were more than happy to help out a like mind.  

Aaron Spiro Is Making His Dream A Reality

The result is the full-length album By The Waterside.  The 12 track album is a testament to what can be accomplished when people are willing to help each other out even when halfway around the world.  The lead single is “Chasing Dreams”.  It is a beautiful song that presses forward with an air of happiness.  The full soundscape is full of a variety of skilled musicians led by an elegant piano.  Aaron Spiro’s vocals are emotional and welcoming inviting every listener deep into his world.

You can learn and hear more at:  http://www.aaronspiromusic.com/

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