Stone Cold Fox: Q&A with the NYC Indie Rockers

Stone Cold Fox

Forgive me for this introduction — it’s going to sound like an unnecessary plug for Spotify. Regardless, I have to express my appreciation for the app that, with its vast selection of songs and algorithmically-intelligent suggestions, has introduced me to some of my favorite bands. Now included in that list is one of my latest discoveries: Stone Cold Fox.

Here’s their deal:

The band, based to Brooklyn, is made up of four guys: Aaron Hamel (drums), Graham Stone (synths/guitar), Justin Caleb Bright (synths/bass), and Kevin Olken Henthorn (vocals/guitar). In preparation for their concert at the Mercury Lounge on May 7, I sent over a few questions that Kevin was generous enough to answer.


Lauren Wisbeski for Indie Band Guru: What’s with the name?

Kevin Olken Henthorn of Stone Cold Fox: I was watching Virgin Suicides. There’s a scene when Josh Hartnett says “Stone Cold Fox” and it just stuck out to me as such an odd phrase.

LW: What’s the group dynamic?

KOH: We’re all very collaborative. In the beginning I was the sole writer, but now we have a good system of bouncing ideas off one another, working in the studio together and jamming. Everyone brings ideas to the table now and I feel like it’s helped the band grow a lot.

LW: How did you all meet?

KOH: Graham, Justin, and I met in college when the band was forming in our last year, but then we met Aaron a year or so later when we moved to Brooklyn.

LW: How would you describe your sound? Who’s your inspiration?

KOH: We have a really wide net of influences because we all have pretty different musical backgrounds. We also try to bring that to the table in each song we approach. The ones that really stand out to me are my childhood influences: Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Spoon, The Walkmen, Beach House.

LW: How do you feel about the local scene? What’s your favorite venue?

KOH: The music here is the best part about Brooklyn. [There are] so many different scenes and everyone is experimenting with different mixes of genres; I love it. I have to say I definitely miss Glasslands.

LW: What can people expect at your shows?

KOH: A fun time! Our sets are made for the NYC rock club: high energy, loud, and danceable.

LW: How long have you been playing shows?

KOH: As a band it’s been about four years.

LW: What’s the best thing about playing shows?

KOH: The rush and the feeling when a song really connects with the crowd.

LW: What’s next for Stone Cold Fox?

KOH: Writing and playing shows. We really never stop. We’re halfway done with the next album already and simultaneously we have a string of dates up and down the East Coast this summer. We try to be as ambidextrous as possible and just keep moving.


Stay tuned — I’ll have a lot more to say about Stone Cold Fox after I see them perform live their live show at Mercury Lounge this weekend. I have, though, come to some preliminary conclusions:

  • It’s evident that Kevin’s musical inspirations have helped shape the band. While I was listening to their albums I often found similarities with Spoon and Beach House, in particular. Clearly, each member of the band has phenomenal taste in music that they’ve used to develop their own sound.
  • They appreciate film and a good pop culture reference. Virgin Suicides is a modern day classic.
  • Their shows are going to be a lot of fun since they plan their sets for a typical NYC rock club. I mean, is there anything better/more fun? (No, there isn’t.)

If you haven’t already purchased tickets for one of their upcoming shows, get on that. And if you’re going to the show on the 7th — I’ll see ya there.

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