Fly Moon Royalty Gets into “Delicious Trouble”

Fly Moon Royalty

I have always viewed music as an art. Being able to bring together aspects of many different genres and blend together sounds that flow perfectly together is a talent that should be envied.

Fly Moon Royalty is not an artist that I had ever heard of before, but after a little searching, I learned that this two-piece group had just released their second full length album Delicious Trouble on April 22. The album cover is simple, comprised of an all black background with neon pink lips decorating the center. Diving deeper into the album, you’ll be introduced to a very experimental R&B sound with soulful vocals throughout.

Fly Moon Royalty — Small Group, Big Sound

The two artists that are Fly Moon Royalty, Adra Boo on lead vocals and DJ Action Jackson producing and being the MC for the group, create a very tantalizing compilation of tracks with this new album. The first track, “Find You,” starts off with a very mysterious sound that builds up momentum and leads to the powerful vocals that grace your eardrums. There’s a very ’90s R&B sound to Boo’s voice here and it adds a refreshing touch to the beat that’s pumping in the background.

“Grown Man” is a track that stands out so perfectly as it combines a sound of classic Motown but blends it with modern beats. The vocals on this one? Perfect. There’s a certain level of angst to Boo’s voice that many artists can only aspire to achieve, and this track is making me want to snap my fingers along to the beat.

“I Miss Her” is the sixth track from Fly Moon Royalty’s latest, and for some reason I’m getting a bit of an Amy Winehouse vibe from this one. It’s slower than the previous tracks, but it manages to keep your attention throughout. The pitch range in this one is very nice and soothing, never becoming overpowering. The beat of the track is very diverse, and matches up to the vocals quite well. I must say, if you’ve recently gone through a break-up, this might be a track that you’ll want to veer away from. (Unless of course you’re perfectly fine with eating a pint of ice cream and sobbing your way through an entire box of Kleenex.)

“Red & The Wolf” is one of those songs that you’d describe as “sexy.” There’s a sultry sound in the vocals that has a rise and fall to it throughout the beginning, and the tempo complements that perfectly. The beat stays similar throughout the entire song, but it never seems to become monotonous. Everything just perfectly falls into place with this one. Overall, I’d have to say this is my favorite track from the album. It successfully makes you feel just a little bit dangerous, and puts you into somewhat of a trance.

There’s plenty more Delicious Trouble for you to get into.

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