Ketil Lien – Technology Helps Create Lush Soundscapes

Ketil Lien

The speed of technological growth in music software and synthesizers has been tremendous over the last 20 years.  Music that was once impossible to make with a large studio can now be created on a single software program on a good computer.  This has allowed many talented artists, such as Ketil Lien, to create full lush soundscapes for all to hear.

Another benefit of these technology advancements is that we can discover music from across the globe.  Ketil Lien aka Win was born and raised in Trondheim, Norway, a part of the world I have not had the pleasure of visiting yet.  From childhood he was always fascinated by electronic sounds and the way they could be manipulated with machines.  In the early 90’s Ketil Lien fell in love with a friend’s studio and all the synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and full mixing desk that it was made up of.  He tried to create his own home studio but soon found out how quickly the expense of these tools and programs could add up.  This caused the end of making music for Ketil for a while.

Luckily This Would Not Be The End For Ketil Lien

As the turn of the century occurred he discovered you could now buy complete digital audio workstation with integrated software instruments, where you could do all of your composing, mixing and even mastering yourself.  Ketil Lien dove in fully and poured all his energy into creating new and innovative sounds in his own personal workspace.  Four albums and a deal with English record label AD Music later, Ketil aka Win has become a force in the ambient electronic scene.



His most recent creation is “Maelstrom”.  It is a dreamy and mellow electronica piece that pays homage to analog heroes such as Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream.  The slow buildup lets the listener fully enter the world created by Ketil Lien and immerse themselves in the lush and somewhat mind altering soundscape.  Everything else seems to slip away as the sounds take over leading you down an interesting path of thoughts.

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