Tyler Suarez Provides A Look From Above on ‘Audio Portrait U.S.A’

Tyler Suarez

There is no doubt to anyone here that music has power. It can make us feel and experience things in ways that are different from our normal existence. An artist looking to make a difference must be willing to use their talents to expand the minds of the listener and provide something unique. Our recent find Tyler Suarez has taken this to new heights with his Audio Portrait U.S.A project.

Hailing from Connecticut, the independent multi-instrumental artist has connected with music as a way to process the world around him since he was a child. Tyler Suarez began playing guitar at age four and has been composing music since he was fourteen years old. His passion turned into skill as Tyler mastered instruments and creating sounds. This allowed him to work with such stars as Kenny Rogers and Jonathan Edwards and record with Grammy Award-winning producer/musician Jim Pugh. Tyler still thirsts for more as he currently studies Music Education at the University of Bridgeport and teaches private guitar lessons to learn from his students.

After releasing some impressive records in the alternative rock vein, Tyler Suarez is now stretching his talents with his new project Audio Portrait U.S.A. The 6 track album is a musical take on the “Portrait U.S.A.” image that appeared in the July 1976 issue of National Geographic Magazine. The ‘eye in the sky’ image from space allowed us to first see America from afar without the prejudices and biases that we were accustomed to. 

What Tyler Suarez has done is take the 6 colors in the image and turned them into sonic depictions of the world far below. In the image, green and dark green are vegetation. Rocks and soil appear as white, yellow, and brown. Towns, roads, and water appear as black. Each track on the album is meant to create a soundscape that reflects what the color itself encapsulates. 

Let Audio Portrait U.S.A wash over you

Opening with “White”, we are lulled into the world with a very ambient sound that sits far in the background rising and falling without drawing too much attention, yet it reaches deep inside your mind making its presence felt. “Yellow” is a little more noticeable as chimes ring to awaken the brain for what is to come.

With “Green” I can picture the vast expanses of grassland across the country. Nothing jarring but a constant hum as the mental image passes. “Dark Green” in contrast adds the sonic flair of large trees reaching many different heights way down below. The multi-levels add depth to our land and our souls. 

“Brown” and “Black” close the album hinting at the expansive darkness of the image. There is a spacey vibe that gives us room to wonder and think about where our country can grow and what needs to be stamped out and started over.

To continue the experience, Tyler Suarez recently launched his “Sunday Soundscapes” on Instagram. It aligns with the Audio Portrait U.S.A. album and provides a weekly ambient break within your social media feed. 

Take the time to free your mind and return to a place well above the world enjoying the peace of it from afar. Tyler Suarez will provide the soundtrack.

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