Science Fiction Leads Us Down ’73 Drive’

Science Fiction

As the music industry continues to become more accessible, we are all exposed to much more music. This allows us to be influenced by many more artists and sounds. The genre lines of the past are much more blurred as a band can now borrow from multiple genres at once to create something that is fresh and new. One such band is our recent discovery Science Fiction.

The four-piece band made up of Spencer Stoner, Jonah Hunter, Cason Smith, and Elijah Zehr is based out of the music hotspot Nashville, Tennessee. Once known for being very country music focused, the area has grown to become a place where indie music of all kinds is welcome and supported. Science Fiction drives within the indie vibe but adds a strong element of electronic music to appeal to all listeners. 

The band’s debut single “73 Drive” was released last January and has given Science Fiction a solid platform to build on. There is a definite ambient tone of the song that allows it to play in the background peacefully. The vocals though are truly emotional and demand attention from the listener. The band is reaching out to connect and welcoming us into their lair. It is cozy and warm but there are rules that the band has set down for us all to follow. 

“73 Drive” is one of those songs that could keep repeating while our minds drift towards our deepest thoughts. Science Fiction becomes a close friend that we can share it all with.

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