The success of a music artist is extremely rarely overnight.  A real measure of respect has to be given to the talented individual that keeps chugging along for the sake of the music even though the big time still seems so far away.  Our latest find Adam Havick has been doing it a long time and shows no sign of slowing down.

Adam Havick

With his roots in the small beach town of Long Beach, New York the singer/songwriter has been performing for about a decade.  This experience has led Adam Havick to a unique voice and style.  Now he is across the country in Los Angeles, California playing regular shows and collaborating with local artist to even further stretch his influences.

Last month Adam Havick released his 4th record, the Ordinary Man EP.  The 6 song album is his attempt to get back to basics.  Along with his new compatriots he tried to focus on just what the song needed to tell the stories with no unnecessary filler.  The opener “Let Me Let You” is a bare bones blues/folk song with an edge.  The vocals will suck you in for a closer listen and then the guitar solo provided by Douglas Charles Showalter will show you the musical talent that resides in the singer/songwriter genre.  The title track “Ordinary Man” is a sweet and bouncy country-tinged song that will get your head bopping along to the beat.  Adam’s voice fits perfectly within this mellow number.  Memories of Elliott Smith popped to my mind.  The more full sounding “A Step Away” shows how good production can make even a minimalistic use of instrumentation sound complete.  The piano led song creates that warm and fuzzy feeling of sharing a listen with someone close under the covers of your cozy bed.  Go take a listen to this impressive record at:

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