IBG Interview – 8 Questions With… Earl AdamAnt Allen


Some people are out there to make music with meaning and a message.  Our recent discovery Earl AdamAnt Allen is one of those talents in the HipHop game.  The devoted father and husband puts all his passion into his music.  We caught up with AdamAnt to get behind his mind in this weeks interview series:

So where did the AdamAnt moniker come from?

I decided to go by Adamant because I’m the type of person when I have my mind made up no one can persuade me to change my beliefs my morals and values.

You have a fresh sound.  How would you describe it?

I describe my sound as conscience thought-provoking flow.

Who are some of your influences?

My wife and my 7 seven-year-old daughter influence me

You spent some time in Indiana and now Texas.  How have the 2 different scenes affected your music?

I began taking my music seriously when I moved to Texas.  Moving to Texas helped get me out of my shell.


What is your songwriting process?  How did these new tracks come together?

When I hear an instrumental I like I constantly listen to the track in the house and car while freestyling over the beat. Once I establish a flow to the beat I then create an outline of different subjects or life experience that fits the instrumental. Once I come to an understanding of what the song is going to be about. Everything else falls into place. I never rush the process of making music. I am usually writing songs in the morning.

There definitely seems to be meaning in your flows.  Tell us how you open up in your lyrics?

I began writing poetry and performing spoken word. When I was younger I used to hold all of my emotion inside. At that time I felt that I was unable to express myself in a way people would understand. I began writing poetry in 10th grade. Writing to me is a coping skill. I also love music. I felt that by writing lyrics over smooth beats would allow my message to reach more people and maybe he’ll someone or make a difference in someone’s life.

What is next for Earl AdamAnt Allen?

My goal is to meet other artist and producers who are passionate about music like myself and create amazing music.

What advice would you share with other up and coming independent artist

I encourage other artists to stay true to who they are and take the time to make music with substance. I also encourage artists to be consistent with making music.

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