Alix Diviant Creates A Future World For Us All

Alix Diviant

Creating music can be a very personal experience.  Often times this leads an artist to isolate themselves in an attempt to allow the music in their head to come out without any outside influences.  This can lead to exotic mind trips within the loneliness that creates truly unique songs.  Recent discovery Alix Diviant is one such artist that uses this technique.  The results are quite interesting.

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana but now based in a small town in Texas, the artist has had quite an artistic journey.  Alix Diviant started out drawing comics and soon moved on to programming video games.  Acting and directing were also in the mix.  Then art really hit home when Alix started playing in an industrial metal band and got into producing.

The music of Alix Diviant attempts to emulate a sense of ambiance and experience from the interesting situations that the artist brings to life.  Whether it be stumbling around under the stars at night to simply hanging out in a quiet loft in a downtown bar, inspiration is everywhere.  

This has led to the new concept album Drink Bleach Every Night by Alix Diviant.  The 11 track record is based in the electronic genre but influence from many eclectic musical sounds can be heard.  The album tells of a series of cryptic events that surround a future in which planet Earth is largely abandoned when the majority of the population lives in the off-world colonies while many others are left on Earth under the control of a fascist government.

The opener “Violate To Behave” starts the party with a dark picture being painted although with a beat to get your body moving.  Your mind will go in many directions as you try to focus on the lyrics and the exotic sounds coming from every angle.  There is a more industrial rock edge to “Walk With Three Shadows”.  The drumbeat adds a powerful punch as the vocals again seep deep into your brain.  There are messages here that need to be heeded.  



An electro-glitch sound takes the lead on “Get On The Rail, m8”.  The production is top-notch as random noises come in and out to put together the exotic soundscape.  You will find yourself on the verge of hypnosis as the song continues.  You will remain in the control of Alix Diviant through the ambient “Exploring The Homeworlds”.  The chill track is one of the most minimalistic of the record.  It does give your mind time to recover from the endless assault on the psyche.  

We close with the party setting up for another run into the wee hours on “Hypnic Stab”.  The bouncy beat will put the blood back into your body and provide the energy to move on from the deep listen.  

Enter the world of Alix Diviant if you dare HERE.

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