Adrienne Tooley Soothes with “This Was True Once”

Adrienne Tooley

When listening to music, it is always a nice treat to discover something that I can not only enjoy, but relate to as well. New York indie/folk artist Adrienne Tooley has put out an EP that almost anyone in their early 20s (or even older) can relate to. Her latest release, This Was True Once, produced by Katie Buchanan, dropped on April 5.

The album was described by Adrienne Tooley as “a record about loss, self awareness, growth, and the realization that old sentiments still manage to be relevant even once the context has changed,” which is something that I have become all too familiar with since emerging into (semi) adulthood. Being able to picture yourself in the music you listen to only makes the experience better, and Tooley speaks from her heart straight into mine with this release.

Adrienne Tooley Reaches Deep

The first track from the album, “So Loud So Close,” starts off very slowly and peacefully, but as soon as the vocals begin, the tempo immediately picks up into a steady yet soothing melody. Her voice sounds about as smooth as butter and it blends perfectly with the instruments in the song. Everything seems to work together really well here, and the soft sound overall brings an easy listening experience to your ears.

The second track, “Habits,” is just as easy to listen to as the first song. The light strumming of the guitar in the background is the aspect that kept my attention throughout, as it sounded so peaceful and sets the tempo overall. There’s a slight echo to the vocals that seems to fade away gently into the background, blending with the guitar to create an easy flow.

“White Noise” is the third song, and starts out with guitar that sounds a bit more intense than the previous tracks, but still manages to maintain that peaceful nature that I’ve grown so accustomed to. There’s a rise and fall to Adrienne’s vocals in this one that plays so well with the other aspects of the song. It’s comparable to riding a peaceful wave further into the ocean. It’s quite beautiful and enchanting in nature.

“Breathe” is the second to last track on the EP and is the most tender song on the whole album. By far my favorite, the tempo somewhat resembles a steady heartbeat to me. The only thing I wish would be more prominent is the ratio of the vocals to the beat of the song. It starts out with the vocals being slightly overshadowed, which is improved quickly by the second verse. Overall, the song is genuinely beautiful and raw.

Finally, “Travel Light” finishes off the 5-track EP, and has more of a country feel from the beginning. The tempo of the song resembles an indie/country twist, which proves a very easy listening experience. The gentle repetition of the song makes it a very memorable one, and closes off the album very nicely.

You can listen to This Was True Once on SoundCloud.

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