(In)Body Debut Strong with “Becom(in)g”


By Emma Cohen of Indie Band Guru

Hailing from Los Angeles, (In)Body is a musical group made up of Amador and Daniel Weidlein.

While the duo is relatively new to the music industry, both musicians have proven to be talented artists and already have their first album, Becom(in)g, on the way. Boasting a sound that is lightly jazz and heavy in areas of drums and beat, the overall effect produced is undeniably sexy.

Recently, the group released “Safe in Your Heart,” the first single off of the upcoming Becom(in)g.

(In)Body Blends Sounds into Cohesive Pop Unit

The song is very original as it doesn’t conform to any one genre of music. It begins with an almost-spoken poem which consists of the lyrics to the whole piece. The slow start and vocal focus really helped me to understand and to get in the mood for what was to follow.

After this, the increasing pace and slowly more dramatic vocals swelled together. The vocalist of the group, (In)Body’s Amador was able to stay baritone throughout the main verses with small sparks of higher notes to gain more empathy from listeners. This went hand and hand with Weidlein’s masterful instrumental work — his punk rock drumming, and electric guitar and bass. The song’s overall sound is very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” and Imagine Dragons’ slower tunes.

Listening to this song felt like a great preview for what is to come. I can honestly say that this one track will make anybody eager to hear the rest of (In)Body’s Becom(in)g. The amazing pairing of the two musicians — an increasingly profitable relationship stemming from a hired gig — is proving powerful enough to be sensual while still having rock and roll meters, touches of electronica, and even a punk aspect. The rest of the music on the album is as atmospheric as this.

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