Andy Clockwise — ’80s Throwback “The Good Book”

Andy Clockwise

Good storytelling is never solely limited to novelists and fiction writers — the ability to spin a tale through music is one of the best skills to have. With that being said, let me introduce you to the musical storyteller Andy Clockwise.

Although he may have been born Andy Kelly in Sydney, Australia, he now goes by the moniker Andy Clockwise and calls the sunny state of California his home. Having started his music career back in 2002, he is what you would call a “seasoned veteran” of the music scene. With a recent stint at SXSW, and with tours as the supporting act for numerous sold out shows in North America under his belt, he is making his way up the ladder of fame with his electronic, distinctly ’80s sound.

Andy Clockwise Reaches for New Heights

His latest EP, The Good Book, which was released on the 8th of this month, starts off by telling us a story of the beginning of time. The intro track, titled “Intro” of course, depicts a scene of the beginning of mankind while the insects watch the waters rise. The words echo throughout the course of the 40 second introduction, and the next track picks up just where the beat leaves off.

“I’ve Arrived (The Good Book Pt. 1)” starts off with a very nice beat, I might say, and sounds a bit like tribal drumming with slight chanting in the background. The keyboard sounds start up shortly thereafter, maintaining a steady rhythm as the intensity of the percussion and chanting builds up. By the time the lyrics kick in, you’ve already invested so much energy into this track that it all just flows perfectly together. Intense drumming begins and I feel like I’m in the initiation scene of “Finding Nemo” (shark bait, ooh ha ha). The tune changes as the pseudo-chorus kicks in and the song turns into a very ’80s-esque electronic tempo.

“Open Relationship” is the fourth track from the album, and features female vocals courtesy of Stella Mozgawa. I must say, the vocals of this song differ completely from those of “I’ve Arrived (The Good Book Pt. 1).” Although the beat here seems to be more modern than the previous, there are still aspects that could be found in the music of previous generations. This one is a bit more risqué (check out the lyrics if you don’t believe me), but it’s very catchy. Although the tempo may be a bit repetitive, it seems to stick in your head and make you want to dance around.

“Cocaine & Champagne” would have to be the most attention-grabbing song of the album, as the bass in this one will provide you with an extreme club atmosphere and pulsate through one eardrum and out the other. The many aspects of this track make it a lot more complex than it may seem, as there are numerous different sounds that will pop into the track at any given time.

I can’t exactly imagine that anyone’s real name would be Cocaine or Champagne (which leads me to believe that he’s describing two strippers), but this track will definitely grab and keep your attention. It’ll have you singing the lyrics and hearing that deep bass bumping down to your soul. About halfway through, the tempo picks up and after quite the exhilarating experience, it ends with an abrupt cut-off.

In The Good Book, Andy Clockwise has created an exceptionally well-put together assembly of songs.


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