Mooji – Reinvention For Imaginative DJ


Any artist that hopes to keep on top of their game must always be searching for new ways to evolve.  Sometimes it takes a complete rebirth to do this but our recent find Mooji is unafraid of this and has dove in with both feet.

The well respected DJ and producer formerly known as Kramnik and built up quite a name for himself landing on SONY Music Spain.  He went on the promote some of the biggest parties in Spain and learned from the high-quality DJs that performed.  Kramnick went on to rock dancefloors all over the world from Birmingham to Berlin, and Madrid to Miami, taking in the likes of Sao Paulo, Washington DC and Puerto Rico along the way. This journey also taught the young and ambitious artist invaluable lessons about hard work and determination that he has lived by ever since.

Always one to push the boundaries of his abilities, Kramnik wanted more.  He took his music back to basics, with a heavy mix of songwriting, improvisation and live instrumentation.  This new project needed a new name and Mooji finally came to life.

This new namesake released a 3 song EP late last year to share the new Mooji style with the world.  The track “Don’t” really stood out to us here accompanied by a mind stretching music video.  Enjoy it here:


Mooji combines sound and visuals to warp your mind

The imaginative video is hard to look away from as Mooji’s sounds take complete control over your emotions.  The mix of minimal and fully immersive parts keep you guessing where the song will go next.  The only way to get the track out of your head os to listen to more amazing music.  This artist has plenty more for you.  Enter the full Mooji experience here:

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