Victor Perry – Amazing Emotional Vocals

Victor Perry

There will always be something about a great singing voice that draws in the listener, not only into the lyrics but into the melody and delivery of the words as well.  There are many ways to do this all over the vocal octave but our new find Victor Perry has found the sweet spot that is perfect for his voice.

The singer-songwriter is a native of Thomasville, Georgia that has been working hard to set himself apart with his unique voice.  The 22 year old Victor Perry attends Morehouse college where he is a major part of the music scene and has performed at major events such as the Vh1 Save the Music Benefit Concert.  He has found a way to blend rural gospel roots with new mainstream pop influences to create something that is all his own.  The energy Victor sings with shows the influence of alternative rock and R&B as well.  The voice is what truly stands out here though.  Victor Perry is able to stay on the high end of the register amazingly well and hold notes that big stars have trouble with.  Some cover songs have been released such as Sia’s “Chandelier” and Adele’s “Hello” that have gained Perry some major attention.

Powerful Vocal Delivery By Victor Perry on “Lighthouse”



Plans are in the works now for the release of a debut EP called 4 A.M. Nostalgia. The lead single “Lighthouse” has already been making the rounds as a preview of what is to come.  You know you are in for something special right of the bat with the pretty piano intro.  When the vocals come in the listener is immediately drawn deep into the song.  The phrasing adds a melodic element that captures attention.  Lyrically Victor Perry is not afraid to share real emotions and inside thoughts about love and it’s sometimes toxic effects.  The production is top notch as well setting up “Lighthouse” to be the start of a promising career for Victor Perry.

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