After Alice

One of the most important things for any artist to do is to just keep doing it. It is not often that your first or second will be the one that breaks. If you are willing to keep pushing forward and learning along the way success will become inevitable. Our recent find After Alice is a good example of this.

The South Carolina duo is made up of producer/arranger Steven Fennell and songwriter/vocalist Jason Crowden. Together they have many years in the music industry playing with a variety of musicians through a bunch of different genres. These experiences have become the basis for the After Alice sound. It is a blend of alternative rock with heavy pop rock tones that reaches a wide range of audiences.  

After Alice is proof that true musical soulmates exist

The latest track by After Alice, “Chump” lays it all out there to welcome in new listeners. There well-made made music video for the track as well. Enjoy it here:


The song features powerful vocals by Jason Crowden reminiscent of the anthemic singers of 90’s alternative rock. The layered harmonies paired with driving guitars add to the full sound that is hard to believe is created by only two guys. After Alice is on the right track and will gain new fans in a good percentage of people they get to listen to their melodic sound.

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