Brian Willoughby – Pursuing His Gifts

Brian Willoughby

We are all born with certain gifts.  Unfortunately many people seem to never truly discover their own unique gift and conform to the life that society has placed in front of them.  The gist of musical talent must also be nurtured and helped along by those close to the person.  Luckily our recent discovery Brian Willoughby had his family to lead him in the right direction.

The singer songwriter from North Carolina showed a strong interest in music from a very early age.  His family caught on to this right away and Brian Willoughby was given a “kiddie guitar” as a toddler which he proceeded to thrash around the house wailing on the plastic strings.  By the time he was a teenager Brian had his electric guitar and a bunch of songbooks passed down from his father.  He dove in with a passion and soon was able to play songs by ear that he heard on the radio.  

Brian Willoughby Truly Pursues His Passion

His first live performance was in front of over a thousand peers at a high school assembly. He played the Jimi Hendrix version of the “Star Spangled Banner” and received a standing ovation. Brian later entered a regional talent show headed by music industry executives where he received a standing ovation by an audience of strangers for playing his first originally written song. This led him to the realization of his calling in life.


The most recent song by Brian Willoughby is “Not Holding On”.  It is a pop rock force with an energy that shows the true passion of a musician.  The interesting guitar melody draws in the listener and truly grabs them by the throat with the solo.  Brian’s vocals are sung earnestly and the chorus will be in your head long after the 3-minute song is over.

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