EJ Brixx is Gonna Make You Jump!

EJ Brixx

I’m the type of person that creates a Spotify playlist for just about every season during the year. During the winter, I prefer to listen to slower acoustic tracks and during the summer, I like to listen to music that will get me pumped up and ready to go out and enjoy the weather.

EJ Brixx lands somewhere in the middle of those two places. Also known as Elliott Brown, EJ Brixx was born in Washington D.C. and is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Being from a military background made it so that he moved around quite a bit in his lifetime. Going from Northern Virginia to South Korea and finally settling in Nashville, you could say that he’s quite the worldly artist.

EJ Brixx Defies Expectations

The style of his music can be compared to…. well, not much, actually. It’s quite unique in itself and manages to combine feel good beats with a hip hop sound that could be best described as (in my opinion) West Coast music. With that being said, there’s no need to live in California to truly enjoy his music.

His latest track, “Jump! (Leap Of Faith)” was written and produced by EJ Brixx himself, and truly shows off his many musical talents. It starts off with a very slow dance club-esque beat and as the vocals are introduced, you automatically get a very feel-good vibe from it. The simplicity of the beat in the beginning really lets you dive into the music without feeling overwhelmed. This leaves you with a really good opportunity to pay attention to his lyrics.

Vocally, EJ slightly resembles Kid Cudi, but the tempo of the track is a lot more trance-like than it initially seems. The layering of beats in this track is done quite well, and picks up at just the right time to allow you to differentiate the chorus from the rest of the song.

Searching through his SoundCloud account, I actually find myself really getting into his music. There are definitely stages in which performers go through to create quality music, and from what I’m hearing, EJ Brixx is already close to the top. Definitely check out “Uber Everywhere,” which is quite the impressive freestyle.

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