Michael Blu – Long Journey Leads To Feel Good Album

Michael Blu

It will always be refreshing to see artists that never gave up on their musical dreams.  Once music has a hold on you, it never fully leaves.  Life will often get in the way and dictate the direction you must take but never forget your passion.  Our recent discovery Michael Blu is a testament to this.

The journey of making music for Michael Blu has spanned over the last 25 years.  At the age of 18 he joined the US Marine Corps on a whim in search of adventure.  This did not turn out to be the right path for him but having the courage to put it all on the line would be a part of Michael’s personality that would come in very handy.  After his discharge, he moved to Venice Beach, died his hair neon blue and played every gig he could with his now infamous band Venus Pumping.  Things moved fast but there were still lessons to learn about the music business.  

Michael Blu needed some time away from that fast paced and sometimes destructive scene so he relocated to Oregon to refresh his life.  Life took turns and 15 years, 8 moves, and a family came to Michael ending with him settling in Austin, Texas.  The music of that town rekindled the passion and he dove back into making music.

Michael Blu Is Ready To Make You Feel Good

The result is the upcoming release of his latest album You’re The One due out on May 23rd.  The 14 track record serves as an inspiration to feel good.  As Michael Blu said “When people feel good, people are friendly, when people are friendly, people feel good.”  This album is his contribution to achieve that goal.  The record opens with the main theme “I Feel Good”.  The fun dance beat will grab you right away and put a pep in your step.  The hook of this one will be stuck in your head for a while.  On “LOL” there is a more alternative rock feel with guitars and a mellow beat letting the focus be on the strong vocal performance.  More versatility is shown on “Spaceman” which sounds as if it is an homage to David Bowie.  There are noises coming at you from every angle creating a full sonic landscape punctuated by a driving drum beat and group vocals.  Another track that really stand out is “King Of The World”.  This one dives deeper into EDM territory with a fresh bass beat and vocals that beg for the song to be the soundtrack for your summer party.  The title track “You’re The One” continues the party with a message.  More exotic sounds keep the listener guessing where Michael Blu will go next.  The vocals again stand out here.  By the time you reach closer “The Giant Says” you are ready for the mellow and melodic tone delivered here.  There seems to be real emotion here as well.  This album is a complete listen that provides a fun and thorough experience.  

You can get an advance listen and preorder at: https://michaelblu.bandcamp.com/album/youre-the-one

It will be available on iTunes and Amazon on May 23rd.
For more info on Michael Blu go to: http://www.michaelblumusic.com/

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