New Track ‘Afterhours’ Released by CAPYAC and MOONZz


The long-awaited sequel to the CAPYAC’s collaborative efforts has come with the release of “Afterhours” featuring MOONZz. CAPYAC is an electronic duo that has released two previous albums and has roots based in shared musical synergies. “Afterhours” is their first release of 2018, giving a little taste of what the rest of the year has in store for us. It looks good; really, really, good and groovy.


MOONZz is the featured vocalist providing passionate lyrics sung through a soaring melody. She is the main event on the track, deservedly so, because of the artistry demonstrated in her vocal quality alone. The lyrics are somewhat cliché but not so much that one cares, because of the infectious melody and cool effects that accompany them.

The digital effects are very interesting on “Afterhours.” CAPYAC are seemingly careful and deliberate with their placement, as to not overshadow the vocals. They also are skilled at making subtle effects where necessary. There are times when the effect’s presence is slightly more noticeable due to an increase in volume or syncing directly with a phrase in the lyrics.


The effects are also designed quite well, in that they are just familiar enough to make one think of cell phone sounds. This fits in with the theme of the trials of a modern relationship expressed by MOONZz.


‘Afterhours’ by CAPYAC ft. MOONZz is a Collaboration Made in Electro Heaven


There is a lot to be applauded about this song. It is one that gets stuck in your head and doesn’t leave. The fact that it is a collaboration is also a feat. “Afterhours” may spotlight MOONZz on the vocals, but the song doesn’t stray from CAPYAC’s signature sound. Each creative component is performed well and complements the other in a balanced way. The digital effects shine on their own but enhance the motion and feel of the song overall. This track is super cool and an indicator of the future of music.

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