Alan Dreezer Wants To Know ‘What You Didn’t Say’

Alan Dreezer

Being in a band is a rite of passage for many musicians. This brotherhood of music often helps build up the confidence and love for the craft of creating music. On the other hand, being in a band can be limiting on your personal musical ideas and passions. Our recent discovery Alan Dreezer is now taking the leap into a solo career with the sounds that have been deep inside him for a while.

Based in Chelmsford Essex UK, the singer-songwriter and Electronic Music lover had always collaborated with other musicians in a band setting. Alan Dreezer toured with popular duo Tara 2, as well as playing sold out shows with the Pop-Rock band ADProject through the years. Now he is launching a solo career based around his passion for the Synth-pop sound. 

Last year Alan Dreezer released his debut album London E12. The 11 track album is the true him, according to Alan. It is heavily influenced by the 80’s synth legends such as Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran. 

On September 19th we will be getting the new single “What You Didn’t Say” from his upcoming sophomore album Healed

Hear the song on the Alan Dreezer Website HERE and get an Exclusive free pre-release download HERE.

The track builds off an elegant atmospheric synth sound paired with a pretty piano melody. The vocals show off Alan’s talents in the singer-songwriter realm with emotion bleeding out the speakers. There is a more modern touch here that could compare with the more mellow songs of Justin Timberlake. Production is up right up there with the radio hits of today. 

Keep a look out for the single and more music coming soon.

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