William Poyer

William Poyer has been busy working on his upcoming new album. From this new collection of songs, he has already released the compelling “Weight In Gold“. Now, he follows up with his new single “On Our Way”.

As the song opens up, the various musical instruments blend to create a western theme. It reflects his bio which describes him as “a singer/songwriter whose sound conjures up the modern world with a nod to the days of the Mariachi and the Gold Rush of the Wild West”. With the soundtrack setting the scene, the story can begin. 

The tale begins with “Light up the night and show us your glory / It’s the end of the world, I am sorry to say”. From the first word to the song’s finale, he shares each word with a captivating storytelling quality. He adds so much soul to his lyrics. A great example of this trait is during the line “that it’s time we were on our way” which ends each verse.

Here is an artist who has a natural way to grab the listeners attention when he sings. No line showcases this more than “And it’s true, it’s the end for you” especially during the outro of the song. The emotional tone within Poyer’s delivery shows how much he believes in his art. He puts everything into every performance and is why he is such a compelling artist.

‘On Our Way’ is yet another flawless track by William Poyer and shows his upcoming album will be essential listening

“On Our Way” is yet another outstanding track by William Poyer. Because of this and the calibre of the songs that he has released so far, his new album will be essential listening.

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