Alan Marshall Brings Us Out Of The “Cold”

Alan Marshall

Music should bring beauty and positivity into the mind of its listeners. There are many ways to do this. It seems like our most recent discovery Alan Marshall has mastered this with his original sound.

The 24-year-old producer is of Polish/American descent and brings a wide variety of experiences and styles into his music. Now based in the Bay Area of California, Alan Marshall injects the laid back vibe right along with the excitement into his dance music brand. Not one to abide by any genre limitations, Alan is known to produce songs that could fit anywhere from EDM to Ambient and Deep House to Dubstep.

The passion for music has been there since Alan Marshall picked up his first real instrument. His focus shifted a little when he discovered the way he could manipulate sound in electronic music and create true diversity and uniqueness.

Feel The Warmth of “Cold” by Alan Marshall


The latest release by Alan Marshall is “Cold”. It is more on the ambient side of the electronic music dial. Random sounds seem to weave their way in and out of the spacy background. An interesting beat keeps the track moving along as soaring vocals appear to ease the mind and bring us all to a place of relaxation and positivity. Music is coming out of this fine artist fast and furiously. Keep an ear out for more.

Follow the exploits of Alan Marshall on Instagram @Marshall_Project

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